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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2.1

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FabFilter Total Bundle 2017

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Bill Bruford - Packet Of Three

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Big Bang - Modern Drums & Percussion Товар 13 из 267
категории AKAI
 Bizzare Guitar
Bill Bruford - Packet Of Three

Bill Bruford's Packet of Three. KEYFAX DEBUTS WORLDS FIRST TRI-FORMAT SAMPLE CD WITH BILL BRUFORD. Whatever, when you use these samples & loops you probably won't sound like the other guys. Please don't sound like the other guys! Pleads drum-meister Bill Bruford on the liner notes to Packet of 3, the Worlds first TRI-Format drum sampling CD produced by Twiddly Bits company Keyfax Software. Never one to chose the easy route, Bill Bruford was reluctant to churn out yet another drum sample CD in this way overcrowded field. With almost 70 minutes of unduplicated acoustic kit and Simmons electronic kit samples & loops. Packet of 3's unique approach is to offer material in the three basic formats: CD Audio, CD ROM and MIDI, enabling users across the entire spectrum of music production to tap into the legendary Bruford mind and time frame. Packet of 3's acoustic menu encompasses full kit to tuned percussion, with items meticulously recorded using a wide variety of sticks, beaters, time signatures, tempi & sensibilities. Meanwhile the electronic grooves clearly demonstrate Bill Bruford's unparralled contribution to the expansion of the role of a drummer in contemporary music. But samples, however lovingly created, are dead meat compared to a humble slice of MIDI Data. With almost all grooves additionally available in Standard MIDI File form, users are free to experiment with sound substitution, tempo, playback mode etc., unheard of freedom compared to that offered by a normal drum sample CD. Categories include: Acoustic. Basic 4/4 Rock. Bog standard. Laying back in 4, Dotted sidestick, Half Time, Half Time Cowbell, Expresso, Fast Linear, 2 Hand Ride, 2 Hand Ride Funk. Odd Meter. 13/8 Funk, 11/8 Funk w cowbell, Laying back in 5, Swaggering in 6, More swaggering in 7. Urgent in 12. Latin Funk. Sangria, Soft spidery songo, Cowbell funk. Swing. Ping Pong up tempo, Swing song medium, Swing song fast half time feel, Brushed velvet, Brushed velvet faster, Brush rolls, Brushed velvet presto. Percussion. Log Drum, Log drum fast, Hand drumming, Mini cups, Tambourine, Blocks & bells, Single hits of acoustic samples. Electronic. Industrial. Modulated hats, Proto punk, Industrial funk, Manacles, Manacles faster, Dotted 4/4, Klangfarben, Half Time. Fnik. Fnik 7, Wobble blocks in 6/4, Fnik 6, Fnik, 9/8, 11/4, 11/8, Dotted four, More four, Faster four. Percussion. Boobam rolls, Peacock gongs, Shakers, Starbells 6/4 & 7/4, Woodblocks 1 & 2.



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