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260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface
260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface

75 руб.
50 руб.
Ample Guitar M II (AGM2) v2.2
Ample Guitar M II (AGM2) v2.2

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Trance Fusion

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The Cathedral Organ Товар 168 из 267
категории AKAI
 Ultimate Piano Collection
Trance Fusion

Swirls, Sweeps and Swells add Momentum to your Mix Fast becoming a cult classic among remixers, electronica gurus, composers and producers, TranceFusion is an indespensible collection of sonic mania for adding drama and intensity to any music. There are lots of grooves out there, but how do you make that great energy-building, heart-pounding climb from one killer groove to the next? How do you add drama and intensity to keep your tracks from just sitting there? Enter TranceFusion, an entire collection dedicated to short attention spans. TranceFusion is hundreds of noise sweeps, spectral climbs, glides, fills and morphs meant to carry your remix from one groove to the next, or simply to add interest to a steady pulse. Other tricks include percussion sweeps (32nd notes), swell-stabs, and big hits to spice up your transitions, plus rave and trance style arpeggios, pads and other madness. The sounds were created using a war chest of the hottest vintage and analog gear, from classic VCOs to physical modeling and every wavetable-vectored-linear-additive-frequency-transformed-pulse-code-modulated step in between. Truly a one-of-a-kind, TranceFusion will force its way into your head and never let go!



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