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Apple Final Cut Studio 2 [14 DVD]

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FabFilter Total Bundle 2017

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A.I.R Expanded [2 DVD]

500 руб.
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A.I.R Expanded [2 DVD]

Sample Logic A.I.R Expanded [KONTAKT] [2 DVD]

Виртуальный инструмент размером 6 Гб содержит более 900 инструментов для написания саундтреков к фильмам, играм и заставкам. Среди них: подкладовые звуки, атмосферы, взрывы, ритмы и многое другое.

A.I.R. Expanded blends the three essential building blocks of music (Ambience, Impacts, and Rhythms) into one score-effectual toolkit. Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player, this extensive 6 GB virtual instrument contains over 900 award-winning instruments and multis that include atmospheric soundscapes, impactual transitions, tempo-synced rhythmic loops and much more…

A.I.R. Expanded´s sound-sculpting interface delivers five independent screens of more than 40 assignable effects and performance parameters. With A.I.R. Expanded, Sample Logic has taken A.I.R. into the next generation. The sample programming and user interface have been completely redesigned and enhanced from the ground up. In addition to meticulously revamping every original instrument, A.I.R. Expanded also includes a whole new collection of instruments and multis.

Press & Awards

“…this library is about the speed and ease with which you can knock together a useable tune, without sacrificing on quality of results: for me, it achieves on all these fronts and I don´t know of another library that does this in quite the same intuitive way.”
“If Frodo Baggins, Morpheus, and a possessed Regan MacNeil were carpooling to Burning Man, A.I.R. could be the soundtrack.”

The production is absolutely stunning across the board: aggressive, punchy, wildly dynamic, expertly EQ’d and treated to sound production-ready right out of the box..”

“I really like the interface for A.I.R. – useful, simple, and intuitive.. I can twist any of the sounds into something new in just seconds without having to dig down into the patches. The rhythms and electronic pulses are punchy, organic, tight and always funky – and tempo synced! I also found many impacts and ambiences in A.I.R. that are dynamic, interesting and useful. For me, A.I.R. is a nice addition to current sample libraries.. and still has it’s own unique sound. I also find it easy to load up and navigate in Kontakt2, ever ready to rumble, scrape and groove… and so it is”.
“I’m sure that within a year you wont be able to turn on the TV, the radio, your game console, or visit your local multiplex without hearing A.I.R. in the music.”

Tech Specs

  • 6 Gigabyte Virtual Instrument
  • Over 900 Instruments
  • 35 Production ready multis
  • Customisable user interface with 40 on screen effects and parameters, including an Arpeggiator
  • Stand-alone, VST, AU, DXi, or RTAS



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