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260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface
260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface

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FabFilter Total Bundle 2017
FabFilter Total Bundle 2017

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Native Instruments Evolve Mutations 2

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Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand [2 DVD] Товар 33 из 193
категории Kontakt
 Scarbee Red Bass
Native Instruments Evolve Mutations 2

Native Instruments Evolve Mutations 2 [KONTAKT]

2 Гб новых оригинальных звуков для создания саундтреков к фильмам, фонового музыкального сопровождения к играм, а также для музыкальных продюсеров, ищущих уникальные звуки, звуковые текстуры и спецэффекты.

EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2 takes audio-visual sound design to the next level, bringing 2 GB of new and original sounds for composers of film and TV scores, game sound designers and music producers seeking unique effects and textures. Split into four useful categories, EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2 delivers powerful and dramatic content in a highly convenient package. Created by working pros in the film TV and games industry, EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2 also contains the debut of the incredible new Trigger FX feature for effortless and inspiring transformations. 

EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2's library contains four main categories, all easily browsed via KONTAKT'S powerful interface, designed for smooth and trouble-free searching. These are: 

RHYTHMIC SUITES – A diverse range of percussion and tonal elements make up the 222 beat sliced loops in this section. Heavyocity’s intuitive key-mapping system makes the process of mixing and matching these different loop suites into dense rhythmic layers nearly effortless. 

PERCUSSIVE KITS - A wide variety of intense, twisted drum-type hits and cinematic impacts are represented in this collection of 11 different menu-style kits. Build your own beats from the ground up and give your production that percussive edge it deserves.

STINGS & TRANSITIONS – The Stings & Transitions category offers distinct ways to heighten emotional impact. It is perfect for adding terrifying or serene punctuation to a film soundtrack or bizarre textures to the breakdown of a pop song. The category is comprised of several menus, in addition to the associated sounds mapped onto individual presets.

TONALITY & FX – The fourth category is a mashed up array of mood and melody that deviates from the traditional sounds in a composer's library. Use the otherworldly soundscapes, radio static mixes and uniquely treated melodic instruments to produce an innovative sound the will add that special signature to your arrangements.

Alongside the five classic Master FX included in EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2 via KONTAKT's internal effect unit (skreamer, lo-fi, cabinet simulation, delay and reverb), comes the completely new Trigger FX feature. This highly innovative effects bank can be activated within the presets of the Rhythmic Suites, Percussive Kits, and Stings and Transitions categories. With one hit of the trigger keys, amazing transformations of the original material is instantly achieved – including filter sweeps, delays, compression, panning and saturation. With a second hit, the FX multiply and morph - the results are often surprising and always highly creative, perfect for adding that unexpected edge to your sound. 



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