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Toontrack DFH Superior Custom & Vintage [9 DVD]
Toontrack DFH Superior Custom & Vintage [9 DVD]

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1,375 руб.
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00

150 руб.
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SonicCouture EP73 Deconstructed [2 DVD]

500 руб.
SonicCouture Broken Wurli Товар 94 из 193
категории Kontakt
 8Dio Productions Mark Deutschs Bazantar
SonicCouture EP73 Deconstructed [2 DVD]

SonicCouture EP73 Deconstructed [2 DVD] [Kontakt]

Реинкарнация легендарного сценического электропианино Stage 73 в формате Kontakt.


  • 15 GB (8 GB download) sample library
  • 5 unique Kontakt instruments
  • 120 sound design presets
  • Kontakt Player Compatible


The insides of a vintage Stage 73 electric piano are a fascinating place. The classic keyboard sound is just the begining - the large electromagnetic harp holds entirely new sonic worlds - if you're prepared to look for them.

Taking our cue from Broken Wurli and our Xtended Piano instruments, we first sampled the keyboard in unprecedented detail, taking not only line-out samples but also close-miked hammers and a contact mic signal from each tine.

Then we went even deeper. We opened the EP lid up some more, exposed the harp and started to explore..

EP73 Keyboard

The most detailed vintage Stage 73 instrument available. In addition to traditional line-out samples, the hammers were recorded with a microphone, and can be blended with the main output. This is a traditional electric piano recording technique that adds some extra attack and presence to the sound. A contact mic channel was also recorded, this adds a different attack transient and texture to the overall sound.

Control over key-off noise, pedal noise and sympathetic cabinet resonance using Kontakt's convolution processor add to the very physical, 3-D realism of this instrument's sound.

Main Features

  • 3 channels - line out, microphone, contact mic
  • 14 velocity layers, 3 round robin samples per channel
  • Key-off, pedal noise & sympathetic cabinet resonance control
  • User editable velocity response curve
  • 6.1 GB compressed




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