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Spectrasonics Omnisphere [8 DVD]
Spectrasonics Omnisphere [8 DVD]

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1,475 руб.
Band-in-a-Box 2017 [Windows / MAC OSX]
Band-in-a-Box 2017 [Windows / MAC OSX]

150 руб.
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Beats From The East [2 DVD] Товар 114 из 135
категории Мультиформатные сэмплы
 Odyssey A Journey In Sound Design [3 DVD]

Zero-G Elektrolytic [Multiformat DVD]

Ian Boddy's ELEKTROLYTIC sample library, one of FIVE new releases in the SoundSense Series.

Zero-G and Xfonic present The SoundSense Series, created to provide music producers with professional quality sounds at fantastic value for money. The SoundSense Series maintains Zero-G's tradition of virtuosity, value and variety. Welcome to ELEKTROLYTIC by Ian Boddy. Elektroytic is the second sample library by Ian Boddy in the Zero-G SoundSense series. The programmer of many best selling sample libraries including Ambient I & II, Malice in Wonderland, Morphology and Outer Limits Boddy is well known for his imaginative and unusual sound design skills.

"...the sound design itself is full of flair, with the loops being the star of the show... Boddy brings an experienced virtuoso touch to the proceedings here. Every synth modulation and effect you can name is used, abused, turned inside out, and shaken until the digits rattle against each other, yet somehow the assembled schwips, snurds, and twings coalesce into something that lives and breathes... the samples as a whole, and the loops in particular, are often really punchy - particularly the kick-drum sounds, which often exhibit a really nice, tough edge. There's lots of low end in the mix too, on occasion, and bags of stereo interest, with good use of tempo-sync'ed delay effects to give a nice swirling complexity... what really sets this library apart from something like, say, Soniccouture's Abstrakt Breaks, is the way the analogue synth elements lend an appealing subliminal vintage tinge to the sound, reminiscent of an episode of Shatner-era Star Trek, or Goldfrapp's retro-electronic album Black Cherry. If you can exploit this flavour in your music (as some IDM and urban producers are doing very effectively), this collection will offer you something that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere at the price..."

"The quality of the samples is superb and the drum and percussion loops are particularly impressive, with the rhythms and the sounds themselves sparking a whole load of creative ideas even on the first listen" - FUTURE MUSIC magazine (UK).

Best known for his love of all things analogue and his weird and wonderful atmospheres he has taken this sense of exploration and discovery into the realms of beats & loops. But these aren't "normal" rhythms rather they are beats that have been twisted and mangled using a huge arsenal of cutting edge digital techniques. They provide a unique source of inspiration for composers in virtually any genre who are looking for that loop with a special piquant flavour to spice up their rhythm track or perhaps to kick start ideas for a new composition.

There are 250 "drum" loops at 100, 120 & 140 BPM categorised into 4 sections ( Drum, FX, Lo-Fi/Glitch & Percussion ) as well as 250 hits & one-shot samples categorised into 3 sections ( Ambient One Shots, FX Hits & Percussives ). Furthermore all the 250 loops are provided in Rex2 format for maximum programming flexibilty in your own compositions.

The sounds themselves have been treated and mangled with a huge array of effects and editing techniques. These include beat synced filtering, phasing & flanging as well as lo-fi treatments such as extreme distortion and bit crushing. Further exotic manglings are provided using things such as spectral analysis, granular resynthesis & textural morphing. The resultant loops and one-shots provide a unique library of sonic inspiration for beat driven music especially dance music.

"This is Ian Boddy's second contribution to Zero-G's SoundSense series and pretty much continues where the last one, Ambiosis, left off. This time, Ian's focused his talents on more percussive sounds and tempo-labelled beat loops. The man obviously has a lot of imagination, and if you're into IDM or electronica, you'll find yourself instantly thinking of ways to put the sounds to use. All 400 of the sounds on disc are distinct from one another and the quality is consistently high, meaning you can just scan through them and get those creative juices flowing. Rating: 9/10" - COMPUTER MUSIC magazine (UK)

This fantastic library comes in multiple formats that should suit every music producer. Formats supported include:

AIFF Apple Loops
Stylus RMX

* 500 Acidized WAV files
* 500 AIFF Apple Loop files
* 250 REX2 files
* 500Mb of sounds
* Drum & Percussion Loops
* FX Loops
* Lo-Fi Loops
* Ambient OneShots
* FX Hits
* Percussive Hits
* Glitch Loops
* ...and much more!



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