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iZotope Ozone Advanced v8.00
iZotope Ozone Advanced v8.00

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Sonic Refills: World Instruments [Multiformat DVD]

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Greg Adams' Big Band Brass [Multiformat DVD] Товар 23 из 135
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 Stefan Langner Library - 24Bit Bass Guitars
Sonic Refills: World Instruments [Multiformat DVD]

Sonik Reality Sonic Refills: World Instruments

World-class instruments for Reason 3, SampleTank 2 and Kontakt

The Sonic Refills World Instruments 4-pack from Sonic Reality features 4 Refills for Reason 3 (Acoustic Folk, World Percussion, Ethnic Instruments and Premium C7 Grand Piano). This amazing collection of playable sounds is perfect for adding acoustic character and unique World instruments to your music

Acoustic Folk

...includes a fantastic collection of acoustic instrument and country, folk and blues sounds in one easy-to-use Refill for Reason 3. Focusing on a variety of acoustic guitars and basses, pedal steels, banjo, dobro, fiddle and more this collection adds a little bit of acoustic warmth to the largely electronic nature of Reason.

Designed to take advantage of Reason's NNXT sampler, Acoustic Folk refill offers playable instruments that deliver clarity and realism that allows Reason to be used for more styles of music than ever before such as Rock, Country, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, R&B, Soundtracks and any other styles of music that can use a touch of acoustic flavor. view sound list/mp3's

Ethnic Instruments

...includes a worldly collection of authentic wind and string instruments from all over the globe in one easy-to- use Refill for Reason 3.

Focusing on dulcimers, zithers and other plucked, hammered or bowed string instruments as well as exotic wind instruments, the Ethnic Instruments refill gives Reason's NNXT sampler a host of rare and esoteric playable instruments.

A great companion to our World Percussion refill, these collections work great in all styles of music ranging from soundtracks to Dance, Pop, Jazz, Rock, World Music and more.

Never before has such a diverse collection of high quality instrument multi-samples been available at this price. This is not to miss for anyone who is looking to expand their compositional and production power with sounds that are unique and different than the norm. view sound list/mp3's

World Percussion

...includes a powerful collection of ethnic percussion sounds from around the globe in one easy-to-use Refill for Reason 3. Focusing primarily on hits and authentic Latin and African rhythms and sounds from all over the World, this collection of playable percussion multisamples adds an earthy flavor to your musical productions. Deep djembes, congas, shakers, dumbeks, bongos, udu pots, timbales and more: a vast offering for Reason's NNXT, ReDrum, Dr. Rex and Combinator modules.

Volume 13 offers more fresh, high-quality playable ethnic drums than any library in this price range. A "must have" for any style of music from passionate soundtracks to Dance, Pop, Latin, Jazz, World Music and more. view sound list/mp3's

Grand Piano C7

Premium Refills volume 1: Grand Piano C7 features the legendary sound of the Yamaha C7 Grand Piano captured by Sonic Reality in 16- and 24-bit resolution for Reason's NNXT sampler. Now you can turn Reason's NNXT into a dedicated virtual piano with a variety of piano patches that range from 100MB to over 200MB in size!



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Sonic Reality
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