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Apple Logic Studio 9 [12 DVD][Полная версия]
Apple Logic Studio 9 [12 DVD][Полная версия]

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2,200 руб.
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00

150 руб.

Finale 2014

100 руб.
Finale 2014 [Полная DVD версия] Товар 11 из 12
категории Нотные редакторы
 Finale PrintMusic 2014
Finale 2014

Finale 2014 [Полная DVD версия]

Эта версия включает саму программу (PC и MAC версии).

Own the future with Finale

Own the Future

To notate music is to look forward – to the performance, and beyond. Whether you’re creating a simple lead sheet, making worksheets for your students, or composing your magnum opus, Finale helps you easily capture your musical ideas, produce beautiful notation, and quickly share the results.

For 25 years, Finale’s unique ability to create anything on the printed page has remained undisputed while other music notation software has come and gone. Finale 2014 is the forward-looking choice with new innovations, making Finale’s trademark freedom and flexibility easy for everyone to use.

Begin creating your musical legacy today.

Focus on your art, not the details

When inspiration strikes, Finale takes care of the details so you can focus on your music. Capture ideas as fast as you can – with no obstacles to slow you down.
Your music, your way

In an instant you can move measures, change keys, or perform dozens of edits to capture, arrange, perfect, and print anything you can imagine. Finale even offers creative and editorial input, from automatically harmonizing your melody to indicating when an instrument is out of range.
Enter notes your way

The choice is yours. Play in your notes with a MIDI keyboard, mouse, or computer keyboard. Scan sheet music or import a wide variety of file types, such as MIDI and MusicXML™. You can even capture a brass or woodwind performance with Finale’s MicNotator®.

Own the future today with Finale.

Listen as you create your music

Prepare to be blown away

Sound quality makes a difference. With Finale you get a selection of world-class instrument sounds from Garritan’s Personal Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band, Concert & Marching Band, and World Instruments libraries. Finale also includes sounds from Tapspace Virtual Drumline.
Experience the quality of Garritan sounds.

Your music sounds better with Human Playback®

Whether you enter your notes with a MIDI keyboard or a mouse, Finale’s exclusive Human Playback ensures that your music plays back with all the feeling, phrasing, and nuance of a live performance.

Score High Marks

Print it out

Finale makes it easy to achieve printed perfection. Whether you’re creating a lead sheet for a folk song or pushing the boundaries of music notation, Finale lets you achieve anything you can imagine.

Publish perfect scores

Personalize your music to fit your style. From music fonts to chord symbols, from time signatures to music spacing, from lyrics to percussion notation, how your music appears is up to you.

Simply choose a Document Style from Finale’s Setup Wizard, and Finale handles all the details. However, should you choose to customize ANY aspect of your music, Finale lets you do that too.

Your music is as unique as you are. Now it can look as unique as it sounds. Only Finale provides you with the flexibility to create anything you can imagine.
в от Garritan.

Inspire students

SmartMusic® integration, a Finale exclusive

Instantly save your Finale creations as SmartMusic solo or ensemble accompaniments. Assign the piece to your students, assess their performance, and then celebrate their success.

Creative resources

Finale provides hundreds of customizable music education worksheets. Quickly produce flashcards, puzzles, and exercises for classes in general music, theory and ear training, composition, arranging, and jazz improvisation.

Whether you’re creating music for beginning students, or guiding advanced students through harmonic analysis, you have the customized tools and resources you need to teach and inspire your students. And, with Finale’s Exercise Wizard, you can create more than 50,000 exercises for your entire ensemble.

More ways to share your music

Music is a universal language

How you choose to communicate is up to you. When you’re ready to share your music with the world, Finale provides you with more options than any other notation software.
Share your music as:

  • Audio files (including .MP3, .WAV, and .AIFF)
  • MusicXML™ and MIDI files
  • PDF files – from entire pieces to small excerpts
  • Finale files that can be shared with users of the entire Finale family of products: Finale PrintMusic, Finale SongWriter, and the free Finale NotePad

And of course, you can always print your music and pass it out. No matter how you want to share, Finale has you covered.



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