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Apple Logic Studio 8 [Полная версия][12 DVD]
Apple Logic Studio 8 [Полная версия][12 DVD]

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Ample Sound ABP2 v2.5.0
Ample Sound ABP2 v2.5.0

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 Equipped Music BREAKBEAT JAZZ

Lapjockey announced the release of Flatpack, a new ReFill sound source for Reason. Flatpack combines a mix of rare analogue synths and drum machines, with more modern and experimental synth kits. Inspired by Reason, Flatpack is a series of samples, loops, patches and song templates to expand the self-contained synth studio within Propellerhead's popular software.

Besides eliminating the tedious job of sorting and converting audio, Flatpack extends beyond the conventional sample CD by providing a broad range of material for Reason. 24-bit reproductions of classic synths and drum machines appear instantly as multisampled NN19, NN-XT and ReDrum patches.

Load up the "FP 808": the samples are recorded long and bright, allowing ReDrum's length and tone controls to mirror the decay and snappy knobs from the original box. The "squidginess" plus dynamic control of machines like the "FP 303" are there.

The Flatpack library incorporates electronically generated music and rhythm based loops and textures to stimulate and rev up music making in Reason. Flatpack's song templates provide examples of cross modulation patching and synthesized rhythm sequencing. Also included are original and dramatic synth patches for Reason's Subtractor and Malstrom, using retro FM and subtractive techniques alongside modern granular programming.



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