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Apple Logic Studio 8 [Полная версия][12 DVD]
Apple Logic Studio 8 [Полная версия][12 DVD]

3,350 руб.
1,000 руб.
iZotope Ozone Advanced v8.00
iZotope Ozone Advanced v8.00

125 руб.
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Zero-G Kocktail Kollection

300 руб.
Best Service Hardstyle Samples Vol.2 Товар 8 из 18
категории REX
 Big Fish Audio Off The Hook 3
Zero-G Kocktail Kollection

Zero-G Kocktail Kollection

KOCKTAIL KOLLECTION - Fabulous Lounge Music sample library


Yeah, we know what you're thinking. Just what the world needs, another lounge sample collection, another bunch of two bar 'elevator music wannabe' sound bites.


Kocktail Kollection is the only Lounge collection that truly captures the REALLY cheesy sounds of the late 1950's and early 60's.

If you know and love records by people like The Three Suns, Martin Denny, Esquivel, Les Baxter, Lawrence Welk, Enoch Light, and Joey Dee and the Starlighters, this is definitely the strange-ass collection for you.

If you know and love Stereo Percussion Demonstration records from the early 60's. If you even KNOW what a Stereo Percussion Demonstration record is, you will want to own Kocktail Kollection.

If you are looking to add some retro Lounge flavah to some Hip Hop or Dance tracks Kocktail Kollection is the joint for you.

Over 1.3Gb's of greasy, spring reverb laden pieces, steel guitars, accordion licks, cheesy mono synths, vocal licks, guitar "chicks", jazz guitar octaves, live drumz, machine drumz, lo-fi breakz, simulated old lounge record excerpts and lounge hitz, make this a true trip into the oily, lounge lizard, musical past.

As you start using construction kits with names like:

Astro Lounge, Volcano at Sunrise, Flutes and Swingers, Swingin'60's, Welk Lounge, TV Suspense Music, Multi Guitar, Dark Paradise, Slo Mo Funk, Ala Brazil, and Acid Mod Atmospherez to name a few, visions of Martini Glasses, Tiki Bars, Hawaiian Islands and Sharkskin Suits, will flood your psyche and......

Well.....maybe nothing that dramatic will happen but Kocktail Kollection can give you some great tools for making authentic Lounge Music of that era, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Trance, Hip Hop, Dance and on and on.......

The construction kits cover a wide tip of Lounge styles. From the 1960's sitcom theme sounds of: Flutes and Swingers to the more modern Lounge tip of Ala Brazil or the 60's disco twist stylin' of Swingin' 60's you have a wide palette of drum groovez, sound fx, hitz and total retro insanity to make your tracks sound fresh. All kits feature multi key versions of each piece and many of the sounds are even offered with the option of spring reverb or dry.

Authentic tools of that era were used whenever possible. Spring reverb, vintage basses with flat wound strings and mutes, hand held cheapo synths, and vintage guitars and guitar effects from that swingin' time period were used liberally in the creation of this collection. All loops retain a full "back in the day" sensibility combined with full 24bit digital quality.

Categories include:

70s Sequencer Synth Lines
Accordion Lix
Adrennalinn 2fers
Lounge Construction Kitz
Guitar Slide Octaves
Lounge Atmospherez
Lounge Breakz
Lounge Drumz
Lounge Guitar Chicks
Lounge Hitz
Lounge Lo Fi Break Fillz
Lounge Single Drum Hitz
Old Lounge Recordz Mixes
Vintage Cheese Lix
Vintage Cheesy Synth Sounds
Vocal Lix

Over 950 wav files and 650 Rex files in 1.3Gb of brand new material!



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