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Native Instruments KORE Sounds - North India

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Native Instruments KORE Sounds - North India

Native Instruments KORE Sounds - North India [DVD]

Новые звуки для движка Kore от Native Instruments. 3 Гб звуков традиционных северо-индийских инструментов.

Establishing the new regional-themed ”Discovery Series” of instruments, this new sound collection for KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER journeys to North India to draw on the rich and varied musical heritage of Hindustani classical music.

Packed with 3GB of beautifully sampled classical instruments as well some contemporary realizations, this Powered by KORE instrument is perfect for creating authentic classical performances and for adding North Indian textures to film scores, urban, pop or electronic productions.

North Indian classical music is a complex and distinct musical style which has evolved over many centuries.
In its simplest definition, it is characterized by a highly ornamented melodic line combined with a static drone and rhythmic accompaniment. NORTH INDIA: DISCOVERY SERIES contains the two main instruments of Hindustani Music, the Sitar and the Tabla, as well as other important North Indian instruments such as the male and female Tanpura, the Bansuri, the Harmonium and the Shehnai (see the carousel for more details)

Nearly all instruments have been recorded exclusively for this library, and have been turned into authentic and highly playable presets through advanced KONTAKT scripting. The melodic instruments can be played in both the North Indian modal and microtonal context and in a chromatic fashion. They feature extensive implementations of different glissandi and other ornaments, while the Tabla has been programmed to easily realize virtuosic rhythmic passages. With such an emphasis on authenticity, this pack brings the stunning sounds of North India into a contemporary format.

Utilizing the power of the KONTAKT, REAKTOR and GUITAR RIG engines integrated into KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER, this instrument also contains synthetic drones and melodic sounds that reference the influence of Indian music on western culture, from the sound of the Sixties to contemporary urban music. 



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