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Native Instruments MASCHINE

Native Instruments MASCHINE VSTi

Новая барабанная-машинка / грув семплер от Native Instruments. С программой идут 5 Гб звуков, созданные лучшими продюсерами.

MASCHINE combines the flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a groove box into one powerful creative tool. Utilizing onboard samples or your own audio files, MASCHINE’s symbiosis of hardware and software not only ensures a fast and fun workflow, but lets you easily turn your ideas into professional productions.

MASCHINE comes loaded with over 5GB of production-ready sounds and patterns. Everything from fat drum kits to state-of-the-art synthesizer sounds and pristine acoustic instruments have been sampled, sliced and tagged for your convenience. MASCHINE also features studio quality effects ranging from dynamics processors to beat-mashers and even mastering tools, all tweakable in real time via the hardware controller.

MASCHINE's pattern-oriented concept frees you from the limits of linear arrangement. Build song "scenes" by layering patterns, and re-arrange the scenes on the fly. MASCHINE offers external sampling through your computer’s audio interface as well as internal re-sampling, precise editing and slicing, auto-mapping, effects and an ultra-convenient browser – all perfectly attuned to the hardware controller. 




MASCHINE lets you easily create rhythms, bass lines, chords and melodies, and arrange them into complete tracks on the fly.

  • Pattern-based sequencer with 64 patterns per group
  • Eight groups can be arranged in the “scene” arranger
  • Two recording modes: step sequence programming and realtime recording
  • High-resolution drum grid and piano roll editors
  • Scene arranger for linear and non-linear playback
  • Live automation for effects, sampler and mixer parameters for dynamic sounds
  • Four Note Repeat settings: Play the selected sound automatically at a given quantization
  • Sequencer resolution: 960 PPQ


A sophisticated and easy–to-use tag-based browser gives you instant access to any sound, loop and instrument.

  • Browse for projects, scenes, patterns, kits, single samples and effects
  • Search by key words or attributes using the search field in the software
  • Use the controller knobs to filter search results
  • Keep track of your samples with the convenient tagging function of the browser
  • Quickbrowse – cycle through similar sounds while patterns continue playing

MASCHINE is based on a high-performance sampler engine, allowing audio recording of internal or external sources and precise sample playback with maximum audio quality.

  • Features extensive voice, velocity and pitch settings as well as diverse envelope and modulation pages
  • Record all internal audio paths or external audio through your soundcard - all without stopping your audio: sample an external audio source or rearrange/remix the loops you created in MASCHINE
  • Audio recording with threshold detection or sequencer sync
  • Resample in a pre-selected length (e.g. 4 bars)
  • Audio editing page with loop function to quickly trim your samples
  • Slice loops by transient detection or a preselected grid
  • Auto-map the slices to the controller pads and re-arrange on the fly without stopping audio
  • Convenient mapping editor with velocity and key layers
  • Eight individual stereo outputs (16 mono outs)

MASCHINE's built-in effects section contains a powerful arsenal of studio-quality effects to shape and supercharge your sound, including dynamic effects, modulation, distortion, delays, reverbs, filters and EQs.

  • Flexible routing possibilities: Two effects units each for every sound, group and the master slot
  • Create multi-effect chains by combining effects into their own groups
  • Record automation of all effect settings via hardware or software on the fly
  • Effects can be applied (and automated) to external input signals
  • Assign effects via drag-and-drop from the browser or using the hardware controller
 Studio Integration

In contrast to conventional groove boxes, MASCHINE provides seamless integration as a plug-in to your host sequencer. Produce the whole song in MASCHINE or move it to another sequencer for further processing and arranging.

  • MASCHINE offers the same incredible feature set both as a standalone application and as a plug-in within any DAW or sequencer that supports VST, AU or RTAS. As a plug-in, MASCHINE retains all of its capabilities including total recall and routing up to eight stereo outs to your host's mixer.
  • Export audio files: Bounce individual files from all patterns, groups, scenes or the master channel
  • Import audio files: Drag and drop sounds from your hard disc to the MASCHINE browser
  • Instant navigation: Open several instances of MASCHINE in your host sequencer and easily switch between them using just one controller



Владимир Дата добавления: 27 June 2009 г.
Посмотрим, сможет-ли Native Instruments MASCHINE заменить Battery.

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