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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2.1
IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2.1

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FL Studio v20
FL Studio v20

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Uncivilised G'rooves

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 Drum 'n Bass: Journey to the Light
Uncivilised G'rooves

Get into these brand new programmed beats with plenty of variation to give your music a tonal edge like never before! "... it provides some different kind of beats and percussion as the vibe here is futuristic with very tonal type beats. The tempos range from 72-174 and the sound quality and production is excellent, giving you a very crisp and sharp sound. These beats can be used for all types of futuristic dance music. There is a heavy emphasis on special effect type beats with different sounding kicks, snares and hats... The emphasis is more on sound and vibe. These beats will find there way onto tracks I'm sure because there is nothing really to match them out there... could be viewed as a special effects CD, as well as beats, there is a real industrial vibe to them, making them very versatile and interesting... could be very useful for film and TV productions as well as dance productions. Overall, an excellent sounding, unique CD well worth checking." - Knowledge



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