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260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface
260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface

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FabFilter Total Bundle 2017
FabFilter Total Bundle 2017

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Scarbee W.E.P.

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Pure E-Basses Vol.2 [4 CD] Товар 10 из 23
категории EXS24
 VSL Horizon Series - Solo Strings [5 DVD]
Scarbee W.E.P.

DVD. The Scarbee W.E.P is a faithful reproduction of the classic Wurlitzer® 200A Electric Piano, recreating not only its signature sound but also the unique dynamic response of the original instrument, hereby continuing the new Vintage Keyboard product line commenced with the recent release of the Scarbee R.S.P. ྅ (the Rhodes Stage Piano MK 1 - 73)
Although the EP200A is a small piano, the project undertaken to reproduce it in software has been huge. Prior to the commencement of two months of recordings, a painstaking process of restoration lasting six months was undertaken. This involved a range of measures aimed at creating a 'super'‚ Wurlitzer® piano which has perhaps the highest signal to noise ratio of any yet produced. Sources of noise and distortion, such as the power transformer, were made external to the piano and audio-critical components were updated with higher quality versions wherever possible.
The Scarbee W.E.P. was recorded at 24 bit resolution through a Mindprint En-Voice preamp (without any use of EQ, tube saturation or compression), and then digitally transferred to a Nuendo AudioLink 96 audio card.



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