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8Dio Hybrid Tools Vol.2

8DIO Hybrid Tools Vol.2 [DVD] [KONTAKT]

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Hybrid Tools Vol. 2 is the next evolution in contemporary musical sound design – a tool created for both composers and sound designers. The tool is specifically designed to give you that hybrid/modern sound to your compositions. The instrument contains a variety of core banks from the biggest mega-horns ever made to our new psychological signature sounds that just burns in your brainstem. We created some insanely big percussive rolls, which are awesome for transitions and a cool assortment of those trendy Dubstep Trailer FX. We also added fresh wooshes, risers and slamming hits that all have that strong, cut-through, sound used in trailers. In addition we added a massive collection of cursed sounds – ideal for dark scoring and horror trailers – and new categories such as hybrid drones, hybrid noises and ultra big drumkits. You will also find tonal elements, synth basses and manipulated choral effects, manipulated roaring vintage race cars that sounds unbelievably cool. Hybrid Tools Vol. 2 also contains a new category known as Defcon, which contains a massive amount of never-thought hybrid sounds.

The library is using a highly advanced, yet ultra intuitive layout that essentially allows you to control most things from you keyboard. The bottom part of the keyboard controls the pitch of the sounds. The mid part of the keyboard controls the sounds themselves. The upper part of the keyboard gives you real-time control over all the effects, including distortion, phaser, flanger, lofi, convolution reverb, delay, lowpass, hipass and several other effects. In addition we also added a grain (bit-resolution) to the pitchbender and filter to the modwheel – giving you an extreme amount of controls right at your finger tips. Meta-data is an integrated part of Hybrid Tools 2.


  • Hybrid Scoring Tool focused musical sound design
  • Product downloadable only
  • Direct download on cloud server system
  • Requires Full Retail Version of NI Kontakt 4.2+

Core Articulations

  • Mega-Horns and Massive Percussive Rolls
  • Psychological Signature Sounds
  • Dupstep Trailer FX, Wooshes, Risers
  • Slamming Hits, Tonal Elements
  • New Massive Defcon Category

Core Requirements

  • NI Kontakt 4.2+
  • 2.3GB harddrive space
  • Ability to download
  • PC 2.0GZ+, 2GB ram
  • MAC 2.0Ghz, 2GB ram


• +800 Musical Sound Designs tailor made for hybrid compositions:
• New-Generation Mega-Horns
• Psychological Signature Sounds
• Epic Percussive Rolls
• Dubstep Trailer FX
• Super Wooshes
• Super Risers
• Ultra Slammers
• Cursed Sounds
• Hybrid Drones
• Hybrid Noises
• Ultra Big Drumkit
• Tonal Elements and Synths
• Speed Racers
• Defcons
• Custom convolution reverb
• Modwheel control of filter
• Keyboard swithes for all FX
• Lo-fi
• Rotator
• Delay
• Convolution
• Distortion
• 1 Kontakt .nki files
• 809 samples
• 2.3 GB installed
• 24 bit / 44.1 kHz stereo PCM wav format
• Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format
• Format(s): Kontakt



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