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LinPlug SaxLab Saxophone Synthesizer

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Band-in-a-Box 2017 [Windows / MAC OSX]

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MacProVideo Native Instruments 200 Battery The Art of Drum Programming

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Future Music In The Studio With Matt Schwartz [DVD обучающий курс] Товар 38 из 51
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MacProVideo Native Instruments 200 Battery The Art of Drum Programming

MacProVideo Native Instruments 200 Battery The Art of Drum Programming [Video Tutorial]

Обучающий видео-курс на английском языке. Вы узнаете тонкости и приемы работы с драммашинкой Battery 3.

Discover Bill Burgess' deep secrets about the dark “art” of programming drums while simultaneously learning how Native Instrument’s classic drum machine Battery 3 works. It's like getting two tutorials for the price of one! Check it out...

Battery 3 is one of the deepest, baddest drum machines in the Native Instruments arsenal of synths. You’ve got layers upon layers of sounds and multitudes of control parameters. But what do you do with them? How do you harness all this power to create your own unique beats? Well, that’s exactly what this tutorial will teach you.

You see, there’s no better way to learn Battery 3 than by having a Master Beat Maker like Bill Burgess show you how he makes his beats. So not only will you learn all the artistic and rhythmic techniques that a seasoned drum programmer uses to make his percussion tracks come alive, but Bill also shows you how he takes control of Native Instruments’ drum technology to squeeze out every ounce of power from Battery 3's supercharged beat engine.

So if you want to know more about what makes Battery 3 tick or want to learn the theory behind how the pros program their beats, this tutorial will inspire you to explore new ways to power up you rhythm tracks!

    Chapter 1: Battery - The Art of Drum Programming

    1: Introduction
    1. What to Expect 04:11

    2: Five Common Programming Mistakes   
    2. Stickings 10:03
    3. Accents and Articulations 05:14
    4. Quantizing 05:19
    5. Ghost Notes - Part 1 05:42
    6. Ghost Notes - Part 2 04:00
    7. Fills & Gear Shifting 07:51

    3: Drum Fundamentals
    8. Attributes of Great Drummers 07:32
    9. Linear Grooves - Part 1 05:48
    10. Linear Grooves - Part 2 05:03
    11. Swung Time & Straight Time 09:01
    12. Downbeats, Upbeats and Transformational Syncopation 06:25
    13. Missed Beat Syncopation 07:07
    14. Attributes of Great Programmers 11:06

    4: Modifying Kits
    15. Loading & Saving Kits 06:26
    16. Remapping Cells For Playability 04:48
    17. Layering & Fattening Samples 04:55
    18. Tuning & Panning Samples 03:45
    19. Volume & Pitch Envelopes 04:18
    20. Echo & Loop Effects 05:09

    5: Modifying Kits Continued
    21. Audio Processing for Samples 07:01
    22. Modulation Effects 06:08
    23. Flam's, Drags, Ruffs and Release Strokes 05:51
    24. Voice & Choke Groups 06:40
    25. Alternating Effects 08:48
    26. Going Mental with Latch & Retrigger 04:11
    27. Beat Mode & Sliced Loop Kits 13:11

    6: Finishing Touches
    28. Audio Processing for Kits 06:53
    29. Mapping Battery to Knobs & Faders 05:06
    30. Routing Battery to Multiple Output Channels 06:46
    31. Two Last Tricks- Whip Snaps & Stick Clicks 08:17



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