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Apple Final Cut Studio 2 [14 DVD]
Apple Final Cut Studio 2 [14 DVD]

3,600 руб.
2,875 руб.
Steven Slate Drums 4 (SSD4) + Полная библиотека звуков
Steven Slate Drums 4 (SSD4) + Полная библиотека звуков

500 руб.
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Reason 6 Reason's Mastering Toolbox

100 руб.
Native Instruments Massive In-Depth Товар 41 из 51
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 The Secrets of House Music Production
Reason 6 Reason\'s Mastering Toolbox

MacProVideo Reason 6 Reason's Mastering Toolbox [Video Tutorial]

Обучающий видео-курс от эксперта в области компьютерной музыки Мо Воланса. На этот раз он покажет свои трюки и техники работы в программе Reason 6.

Learn to master your Reason projects right in Reason 6! This tutorial by audio expert Mo Volans shows you how to use Reason’s powerful, built-in mastering tools...

So you’ve mixed you track. But, it doesn’t quite sound like the tunes you hear on the radio. MPV’s Mo Volans to the rescue! In this tutorial Mo opens up Reason 6’s Mastering Toolbox and powers up all the tools that will get you producing radio-ready tracks right in Reason’s new virtual SSL mixer console.

Mastering is an art that requires a good ear, technical knowledge and, most importantly, the right tools! That’s why it’s a real treat to watch and listen as Mo takes you on this inspiring mastering journey. Along the way you get to watch and listen as he explains why he makes his crucial mastering decisions.

This adventure begins at the point where Mo’s Reason mixing tutorial leaves off: with the exporting of the mixed track. From there he pulls the newly mixed track back into Reason’s mixer and starts applying his mastering magic! You’ll see how to use the amazing MClass plugins! You’ll listen along as Mo shapes, polishes, enhances and increases the perceived loudness of the track right before your ears!

So if you want your Reason tracks to punch through the speakers and stand out in the ever-crowded sonic universe, join macProvideo.com’s Mo Volans and learn all the techniques and tools available to you in Reason’s Mastering Toolbox!

macProVideo.com has one of the largest and most complete library of Reason tutorials on the planet. Subscribe to watch them online or build yourself a downloadable bundle to save up to 50% off the list price!


Very good tutorial! I watched AskVideos similar one before but for us wanna-be-pros this one is more thorough and gives a better understanding of mastering. This tutorial not only gives tutorial in Reason but Mastering as a whole. I mastered a song and following Mo Volans tips on macProVideo and it made a big difference. Thank you! I highly recommend this video!



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