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LinPlug SaxLab Saxophone Synthesizer
LinPlug SaxLab Saxophone Synthesizer

100 руб.
50 руб.
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00

150 руб.
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DrumCore [3 DVD]

700 руб.
USB PlugSound Special Edition - PPG Товар 108 из 349
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 Ueberschall Liquid Instrument vol. 1 - Saxophone
DrumCore [3 DVD]

DrumCore- Spend more time writing, not programming drums!

DrumCore provides songwriters, composers and musicians with a complete set of tools for creating great drum tracks quickly across a wide range of musical genres. DrumCore is the only product that combines name-brand drummer content (in both audio and MIDI formats), with a unified search engine to let you search, select and export files into your audio workstation in nothing flat. It even helps you manage your own loop libraries and create your own MIDI drumkits.


* Search Engine/Database
Find content fast, using musical and stylistic criteria. Stop wasting time searching through endless loop folders with confusing names. Import the libraries you already own!

* 10 great drummers, the "A" team
Rock and reggae; jazz and hip-hop; blues and country. So many styles, so much spice, and recorded so well.

* Loops, fills, hits and kits
Audio and MIDI content arranged into "GrooveSets", perfect for composing.

* Integrated MIDI Drum Module
Preloaded with these drummers' kits for playing the included MIDI grooves or for your compositions. User editable so you can create hybrid kits using DrumCore samples or your own sounds.

* The "Gabrielizer"
Automatically generate new beats based on a selected audio or MIDI groove.

* Integrates with audio workstation software
Export directly to tracks within ProTools. Drag and drop beats onto tracks in Acid, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic and Sonar. DrumCore makes finding the perfect beat and getting it into your main audio applications easy.


DrumCore has an extensive search engine that makes it easy to find the perfect groove. Browse the library and search for content based on "metadata" such as drummer, style (rock, funk, etc.), feel (straight, shuffle, etc.), tempo, and/or your own comments/notations. Beats are arranged into "GrooveSets," which group associated drum parts for easy song construction. Audition content quickly by clicking on icons that represent audio loops, fills, single hits and MIDI files. Listen to content through your computer's native audio system (using Core Audio, DirectSound or ASIO) or use ReWire to listen via your digital audio workstation (DAW). ReWire allows you to play audio from DrumCore into the mixer section of other applications and allows DrumCore to receive MIDI from those applications. In the DAW application, you can even process the loops with plug-ins to hear how they sound with effects like reverb or compression. ReWire is supported on both Mac and Windows in applications like ACID, Audition, Cubase / Nuendo, Digital Performer, Live, Logic, Pro Tools and Sonar.

You can even use DrumCore to manage your own audio libraries! Simply import any .WAV, AIFF or SDII and tag it with your own metadata.

Furthermore, your DrumCore library can be extended through Submersible DrummerPacks™ which come pre-tagged with metadata and arranged into GrooveSets.


While other drum products make you choose between the speed and realism of loop-based composition, or the note-level control offered by MIDI—DrumCore gives you both! With DrumCore you get both high-quality audio and MIDI grooves. After all, it's about the quality of the beats, not the technology used to make them.

All audio content is 24-bit, and performances were recorded using state-of-the-art studios for impeccable fidelity. Equipment used was a mix of great analog (SSL 9000 console, Pultec, Neve, Neumann M50) and digital (ProTools HD3).

A software MIDI drum module comes loaded with each drummer's personal drumkit that perfectly complements the included MIDI grooves. Since most of DrumCore's drummers are endorsees for major drum and cymbal manufacturers, DrumCore provides access to these players' individualized drum sounds. The drum module also allows better control of each sound (snare, kick, etc.) and better integration with audio loops. You can even create your own drumkits using DrumCore samples or sounds of your own.

Get the best of both worlds—MIDI control and audio realism—with DrumCore!


The performances on DrumCore were recorded at 5-10 bpm increments. Since drummers play differently at different tempos, this translates into more musical grooves. It also keeps audio quality from being compromised by extreme tempo-stretching, beat-slicing or other processing.

Want variations? Try a slammin' Sorum rock beat played on a hip-hop lit. Or use DrumCore's Gabrielizer™ technology to generate new beats from your selection—from mild to wild!


DrumCore integrates directly with all the popular music authoring applications. Drag and drop a groove straight into applications that support drag-and-drop (like Acid, Audition, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Live, Logic and Sonar). In Pro Tools audio can even be automatically exported (spotted) to the curser position on selected tracks.* Find a loop you like, select "Export" and there it is right on your Pro Tools track! Choose another groove, hit "Export" again and there it is on the track, right after your first exported groove. Build a killer Pro Tools drum track in a few minutes remotely from DrumCore. Export from DrumCore as AIFF, WAVE and SDII for other applications like Live, Peak or Reason.

Export single or multi-tracked MIDI grooves to your application and play it back through the DrumCore MIDI drum module.

Use a MIDI controller with a sequencer to create your own beats using the drum module, or layer MIDI parts on top of audio loops to get real drummer feel plus control of individual sounds for extra parts (crashes, accents, etc.).


Macintosh: G4 400Mhz or above, 256M RAM (512M recommended), 9G free space (content), DVD for installation, Mac OS 10.2.8 or higher.

PC: PIII or Athlon 800Mhz or above, 256M RAM (512M recommended), 9G free space (content), DVD for installation, Windows XP.

* Currently only available with Macintosh Pro Tools. On Windows files are automatically exported into ProTools audio bin. WE are working with Digidesign to quickly allow track spotting on Windows.



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