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Toontrack DFH Superior Custom & Vintage [9 DVD]

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AudioEase Altiverb VST RTAS v5.4.6

250 руб.
Steinberg Cubase SX [MAC] Товар 16 из 35
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AudioEase Altiverb VST RTAS v5.4.6

AudioEase Altiverb VST RTAS v5.4.6 [Версия для PC and MAC]

Один из самых известных ревербераторов платформы MAC теперь доступен и для PC. На DVD диске также фирменная библиотека импульсов для программы.

An acoustical sampling plug-in that offers stunningly realistic one, two and four channel sampled acoustics of real halls, cathedrals, and bathrooms.

Altiverb broke new ground as the first ever convolution reverb plug-in, delivering stunningly realistic acoustic spaces. Altiverb V5 continues to lead the way with cutting edge features. Altiverb V5's ever growing impulse response library provides the most diverse and highest quality acoustic samples on the market.

Altiverb uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cabin of a fire truck. It offers an extensive set of parameters. Altiverb 5 lets you sample your own spaces, and Audio Ease claim that Altiverb is by far the most efficient convolution reverb.

A selection of changes

* Copy protection: iLok authorization, or challenge/response
* New Stage Positioning control allows you to place your source sound anywhere on stage
* Four band EQ, tailored for reverb
* Internal level meters
* I/O controls for front, rear, center bleed and LFE channels
* Separate Gains and Delays for Direct, Early Ref and Tail
* Extensive CPU load control
* Room Size shifts room modes and resonances
* Reverse reverb mode
* Internal test samples can be triggered from the Mac's keyboard
* VR movies, pictures, statistics, mic layouts etc, in the info screen
* Automatable preset switching
* Built in presets, user presets
* Impulse Responses in unlimited levels
* Three band damping


* AU
* AS



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