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LinPlug SaxLab Saxophone Synthesizer

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Modo Bass

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FXpansion GURU

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Steinberg Waldorf Attack [Полная версия] Товар 97 из 349
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FXpansion GURU

FXpansion GURU Full version DVD.

Your beatbox dream come true. Advanced step sequencing, groove manipulation, sample editing, and beat slicing - an inspirational, all-in-one workstation. Based on an enlightened approach to drum loop creation, GURU makes building that perfect beat faster and easier than ever.

GURU's architecture is perfect for anything from straight-up breaks and stomping floor-fillers to complex polyrhythmic, multi-layered grooves. The powerful built-in FX and graphical parameter automation allow you to mutate your beats into new, unheard forms, or create subtle variations. Mash up your sounds with pitch modulation, repeat triggers, start-point and timing manipulation, resonant filters and much more. Everything from precision funk to disturbing sonic mangling and glitch beatscapes is at your fingertips.

Breathe new life into your loops with GURU's unique intelligent loop slicer, which categorizes slices as kick, snare, hihat or percussion hits, letting you use any audio material effortlessly and in the context of your pattern, or extract individual hits and the timing feel from loops. The extensive editing and processing tools then allow you to tweak samples and slice points, or layer more sounds.

GURU gives you back the hands-on feel which you crave... Record performances with the mouse or a MIDI controller, fire off sequences with a MIDI key, layer multiple engines, drop parts in and out and switch grooves on the fly. GURU is a complete sample workstation environment, ideally suited for live use or for intuitive composition in the studio.


* Advanced Step Sequencer - 128 steps, 16 channels, 24 memories per engine, full graphical automation, MIDI remote control, independent tempo multipliers, real-time and step recording with undo

* Automated sample slicing, classification and pad mapping (kick, snare, hat, percussion) with manual slice-tuning capability

* Can load audio loops (WAV/AIFF/REX), MIDI loops, single-hits, complete kits, pattern banks..

* 8 Engines, each comprising:
- 16 MIDI-triggered Sample Pads
- Powerful step-sequencer with up to 128 steps
- 24 MIDI-triggered Patterns
- Three Aux effects units
- Master effects unit

* Intuitive mixer view offering a convenient overview of all 8 engines

* Flexible groove/shuffle control for patterns – take the groove of one MIDI file and apply it in real-time to another

* Comprehensive Pad Editor offering individual control of the following for each pad:
- Gain, pan, coarse/fine tune
- Resonant filter blend between LP/BP/HP
- 3 Aux sends and an Insert effect slot
- Start/end point adjust
- Amp/FX envelope
- 8 velocity cross-fade layers
- Cut groups (choke groups)

* Includes library of over 2GB of professional sample content, featuring material by Yellow Tools, Wizoo, Gearshift and others.

* Eight stereo outputs, flexible routing.

* Built in midi mapping allows you to quickly setup GURU to work with your hardware groove box / drum triggers."

* Stand-alone application, ReWire device, and VST, DXi, AudioUnit, RTAS plug-in formats, available for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X.

* (Such as Akai MPC/MPD series, Alternate Mode DrumKat, Korg MicroKontrol, M-Audio Trigger Finger etc.)



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