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Toontrack DFH Superior Custom & Vintage [9 DVD]
Toontrack DFH Superior Custom & Vintage [9 DVD]

2,125 руб.
1,375 руб.
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00

150 руб.
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ManyTone ManyBass VSTi

225 руб.
Vir2 Instruments BASiS [2 DVD] Товар 198 из 349
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 4Front Truepianos VSTi 1.4.1
ManyTone ManyBass VSTi

ManyTone ManyBass VSTi [DVD]

Бас гитара.

ManyBass is a bass guitar sample based synthesizer which comes with a large collection of bass guitar samples intended to form the foundation of your day to day bass instrument needs. This extensive range of sounds has then been coupled with a highly efficient sample playback engine with a powerful FX rack. ManyBass was designed and built by ManyTone and AraldFX.

ManyBass has been designed to provide you with a high quality sound, thanks to the included 2.4 gig of all-new 24 bit, electric bass guitar multi-samples that extensively cover various articulations and playing styles of the real instrument. The engine and onboard Amp Sims and FX were designed and tuned for bass type sounds, including the playback of real bass guitar instrument samples. The included Presets, along with the Sound and FX Wizards, will have you creating realistic sounding bass guitar tracks in no time at all. Along with the included electric bass guitar samplesets, ManyBass also comes with a selection of Waveforms that are capable of producing synth bass type sounds as well as other synthetic instrument sounds.

ManyBass will allow you to load up to 4 different articulations of an instrument and switch between these articulations using simple Keyswitching or Midi cc. The 2.4 gig of bass samples included were all recorded from the same bass guitar, and then mapped into 13 individual soundsets. This keyswitching feature allows the user to load up to 4 of the soundsets and easily switch between them using a Midi note, or a button on your keyboard controller. All this is accomplished on a single page, in an easy to use, graphical user interface.


The amp, speakers and FX

The ManyBass engine is equipped with a custom amplifier and speaker cabinet emulator and an FX rack designed and tuned for Bass type sounds. This set up allows the musician to take the Manytone bass samples to new levels of reality.

The amplifier has three modes

  • clean
  • tube, and
  • heavy

The amp also has a 3 band EQ unit with an adjustable mid frequency control.

The speaker cabinet emulator gives seven speaker size options. Each speaker also allows choice of single cone or 4 cones for a total of 14 different cabinet possibilities. (in addition to bypass):

  • 4" speaker
  • 5" speaker
  • 8" speaker
  • 10" speaker
  • 12" speaker
  • 14" speaker
  • 15" speaker

The FX rack gives eight FX units in addition to the amp sims and the EQ:

  • mono phaser
  • stereo phaser
  • stereo chorus
  • quad chorus
  • mono flanger
  • stereo flanger
  • echo (three varieties - warm, crush and light)
  • compressor (specifically tuned for bass type sounds)

There is also an FX wizard to help quickly set up your FX settings.

So how are ManyBass and ManyGuitar different?

ManyBass is intended to create bass sounds. The amp sims and FX in ManyBass have been designed and tuned to work and sound better with bass sounds. Likewise the FX and amp sims in ManyGuitar are tuned for guitar type sounds. ManyBass also adds additional new features like the sample browser, 4 layer keyswitching, midi cc learn, a flanger and the new compressor. Some of these new ManyBass features will make it into the Version 2 of ManyGuitar, until then though, ManyBass is a much more advanced instrument on the whole. Each Product contains completely different samples:

  • ManyBass has 2.4 gig of new Bass Guitar Samples. Also, as ManyTone has already released 3 Bass Sample packs available separately, we wanted an instrument that specialized in playing these type of sounds.
  • ManyGuitar contains 1.2 gig of samples that includes both guitar and bass samples. In the future you can expect to see ManyGuitar develop into a stronger guitar based instrument, with additional features and sounds geared towards acoustic and electric guitars.

The two products are different, so you really owe it to yourself to own both!!



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