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Music Production Software WobbleBOSS v1.0

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 DFH EZdrummer EZX - The Blues
Music Production Software WobbleBOSS v1.0

Music Production Software WobbleBOSS v1.0

Специализированный синтезатор для музыки в стиле Dubstep.

Not according to the amount of new artists, DJ's, producers, tracks, and sub-genres popping out like toast around the world - the DUB vibe is not only alive and well, but thriving like a mofo! We feel it's just starting to take shape and the amount of amazing music still to come is exponential.

Not to mention the money in this genre is attractive to labels and promoters as it pulls huge crowds and the shows are usually quite pricey - as it should be for good entertainment imo...

YOU - want to be a front runner - or at least get your feet wet with this but either have no clue where to start or you're sick of the stale same old wubwubs everyone else is using. That's why WobbleBOSS was born - to give pretty much anyone with a DAW/VSThost the chance to produce amazing dub vibes and not be shy about how they made them!

So, WHY are we doing this?

Is it so that anybody's grandma can pick up a beat and add some dubstep to it? My lil' sister can be the next deadmau5 or skrill?

Well - YEP! - But we both know she won't.

We simply wanted to make it easier for inspiring music producers to get some of that elusive sound that's been hard to make - until now.

We believe that the playing field will never be equal, and it's great because the absolute best will never be duplicated. However for many others it's not even possible to attain one tenth of the production value they know they can be hitting if they just had the right sounds, samples, and foundational understanding...

A few crazy months of sampling and remixing our internal libraries through a signature processing pattern and we NAILED IT!

YOU don't have to do any of the crazy chopping, we've done it all for you, and variated it into a library that won't get stale for years due to the diversity and sheer volume of dubstep type samples and sounds you're getting today. Simply start a new canvas in your DAW, set a tempo of 140bpm (or 135-145ish), and start laying simple patterns with any of the 1,000+ wildly styled samples to contrast your instrumentals and drums. We've even included a healthy amount of drums however the focus here is the wobbles & FX.

The VST/AU that the samples are wrapped in = It does a LOT

* Comes as:
--- PC :: VST(i)
--- MAC :: A.U. (also easy to setup the samples in the EXS sampler in Logic, works in GarageBand as well).

* 10 Octave keboard with most kits filling in 8octaves worth of separate samples.

* ADSR Rack

* Low & High Amps, Glide, LFO Depth/Rates

* Panning & Reverb On Deck

* Grouping & Channel Options

* Stacking & Round Robin Options

* Comes with TONS Of Different Sample Types

* Voxes, Wobbles, FX, Deep Drum Kits, Misc.

* Works W/Any DAW (Cubase, Logic, Ableton, FL...)

* Comes W/Sampler VSTi - PC ONLY (Import Your Sounds)

* Comes W/Synth VSTi To Make Wobbles & Basslines - PC ONLY

* Quarter, Half, Full Bar, 2 Bar, and 4+ Bar Lengths

* Prestigeous Kit Making Process (You'll FEEL it)

* Sounds Available Separately as Sample Kits


^^ The little list there is just a quick peak at the types of masterpieces that await you inside. Creative possibilities are unlimited and once you get some combo's going you're going to LOVE what comes out of the WobbleBOSS!

Music has always been subjective, and dubstep has an acquired taste, so much so that the more different and unique you are - the better in the dub world - so why shy away from that, we embrace being different and we thrive on it, and we feel everyone should.

* It doesn't 'automate' your experience, rather speedlines it but leaves ample room for your own talent & creativity.

* It's built intuitively so you have proper setups, drops, quarter note stabs, rides, and long pads/builds that overlap just right. No matter what you make with this thing - it will always sound unique (you'll even be making your own wubwubs - from scratch IF YOU WANT - otherwise there's tons of sounds for you to mash up in the brand new kits we've unleashed inside the wobbleBOSS).

We know you want to sound like the greats, or just to be able to say you've produced a dubstep track without people saying "that's not dubstep" or "Where's the drop?" or "umm, no wubwubs, MORE wubwubs, MOARBASS"... Not anymore!



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