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LinPlug SaxLab Saxophone Synthesizer

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Ample Guitar M II (AGM2) v2.2
Ample Guitar M II (AGM2) v2.2

300 руб.
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WizooVerb W2

100 руб.
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 AudioEase Altiverb VST RTAS v5.4.6
WizooVerb W2

WizooVerb W2 Impulse reverberator

Мощный импульсный ревербератор от Wizoo. В комплекте набор лучших импульсов.

This is the only reverb you’ll ever need: the W2 from Wizoo. The W2 unites all important reverb technologies with unequalled sound quality and flexibility.

The W2 includes 15 HDIR (High Definition Impulse Response) models, providing acoustic fingerprints of excellent sounding rooms with a precision and clarity only possible with this ground breaking technology. HDIR is the difference between 'adding an effect' and 'putting your track into a real room'.

The W2 also includes the unbelievably flexible, transparent and natural sounding AIR algorithmic reverb.

And it gets even better: Both technologies can be combined seamlessly - the ambience of a real dance club with an infinite reverb tail - no problem.

Naturally the W2 will load your existing impulse responses, but even better the IR optimization will make your imported impulse responses sound way better than in any other conventional impulse response reverb.

Superior reverb quality to make every mix sound better, with three technologies in one and a huge range of creative possibilities - the W2 sets the new standard for music production, post production, mastering and all other reverb applications.

Key Features

* HDIR standard: High-end room emulation with unprecedented quality, definition, clarity and spatial accuracy.
* AIR: Vast range of creative options from slight adjustments to entirely surreal spaces.
* Import of impulse responses, IR optimization make even user IRs sound significantly better than in conventional reverbs.
* Flexible combination of AIR and HDIR, mode can be chosen separately for Early Reflections and Reverb Tail.
* Complete set of 15 HDIR models.
* 100 user-editable presets from high-end room emulations to completely surreal spaces.
* Latency-free.
* Fast yet deep editing options including graphic impulse response editing and detailed room parametrization.
* Highly optimized CPU efficiency – multiple instances usable even on average systems.
* True Stereo: The reverb signal accurately reflects the signal position, leaving the imaging of the mix intact.
* Platforms: AU Mac, VST Win/Mac, RTAS Win/Mac, Stand-alone Win/Mac.

More features

* HDIR models: Ambience, Booth, Cathedral, Chamber Large, Chamber Medium, Chamber Small, Church, Concert Hall, Dance Club, Opera House, Philharmonic Hall, Room Small, Scoring Stage, Studio Large, Studio Small.
* HDIR and IR edit parameters: Directivity, Pre-Delay, ER/Tail Balance, Spread, ER/Tail Crossing, MainTime, Low Freq, Low Time, High Freq, High Time, Length, Attack Time, Attack Slope, Decay Time, Decay Slope.
* AIR edit parameters: Pre-Delay, ER/Tail Balance, Spread, MainTime, Low Freq, Low Time, High Freq, High Time, Tail Delay, Room Size, Ambience, Density, Color.
* Sound shaping: high-end parametric EQ with HS Freq, HS Gain, Mid1 Freq, Mid1 Gain, Mid1 Q, Mid2 Freq, Mid2 Gain, Mid2 Q, LS Freq, LS Gain.
* Presets: 100 editable and categorized presets, browser for instant access.
* Front Panel controls: Pre-Delay, Size, Time and two assignable parameters directly accessible from the main surface.
* Full automation of all parameters.



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