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 Desert Voice

Sonokinetic Yemenite [DVD / Kontakt]

Этнические вокальные сэмплы от Абраама Ачарака, представляющего исконные йеменские музыкальные традиции.

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With this library Sonokinetic is back where it all began. At the cradle of cultural history we found another intriguing and mystical vocal art form. Mr. Abraham Acharak blessed us with a divinely stunning performance and showed us music’s true meaning in multiple inspiring recording sessions.

The proven concept of vocal performances based on copyright free songs, improvisations, in all keys and multiple speeds combined with cinematic vocal fx like poems, shouts, whispers and much more, is now crammed into just one instrument patch.

Over the last few years we found that having multiple performances and fx available in one comprehensive instrument makes work as a composer much easier and more structured. Therefore we’ve invested in the first ‘built-in-one’ ethnic vocal library.

We are proud to release this unique and authentic collection and provide you with an imaginative extension to your sound pallet. With this addition to your instrument toolbox you’ll have access to a truly one-of-a-kind vocal performance virtual instrument.

Sonokinetic specializes in cinematic soundscapes filled with rich cultural diversity and with much respect for historic musical heritage. As such, “Yemenite” will happily stand alongside its peers “Tigris & Euphrates, Desert Voice, Voices Of Israel, Haka and Maasai”.

“Yemenite” has mainly been built around traditional Yemenite Jewish music tradition.

This collection consists of hundreds of unique and authentic melodic phrases, improvisations and spoken words. As far as tradition goes, Sonokinetic keeps its tradition alive by providing you with word-by-word translations, with lots of ancient texts translated to English for the first time.

So again we feel we prove the significance of a well-performed musical idiom, high-end technical recording, craftsmanship of the UI, sample library with an all-new shiny product like “Yemenite”.

We are proud to put our badge on this and hope you’ll enjoy another vocal performance in the top-notch ethnic sample line by Sonokinetic

We wish you the best inspiration and creativity.
With warm regards,
The Sonokinetic Yemenite Production Team.


  • Monolith patch spanning:
    • 4 Main categories in traditional Yemenite style:
      • Traditional Songs
      • Improvisations
      • Poems
      • Effects
  • Full key range. Varies from 2 to 5 songs per key*
  • Tempo synced by time machine
  • Time signature selector and automatic BPM group selecting (HOST slave)
  • 10 copyright-free traditional songs
  • Improvisations spanning 2 to 3 octaves
  • Voice fx: whispers, shouts, cries, soft speech, mumbling, praying
  • Kontakt 4.2.4 & 5 patches + aif accessible pool
  • Kontakt 5 with Timemachine Pro settings and presets
  • 2400+ samples. (1,45 GB sample content)
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.
  • Video tutorial: “Walk Through” hosted by Reuben Cornell

Format: All files in 48 kHz, 24bit aif format.
Programmed for NI Kontakt 4.2.4. & Kontakt 5 (not compatible with Kontakt Player!)



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