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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2.1
IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2.1

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Ample Sound ABP2 v2.5.0
Ample Sound ABP2 v2.5.0

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XLN Audio Studio Grand [DVD]

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 XLN Audio Modern Upright
XLN Audio Studio Grand [DVD]

XLN Audio Studio Grand [DVD]

Сэмплы концертного рояля Steinway Model D, записанного с различных микрофонов.

The Studio Grand features a classic Steinway Model D concert grand piano. The first choice of many pianists, Steinways are famous for their character and unrivaled sound.

The included ExploreMaps offer production presets in a variety of styles, painting a sonic landscape well beyond what you would expect - from natural to strange, the variety of sounds makes this instrument perfect for both production and stage duties.

The response, dynamics and character of this wonderful instrument will tickle your creativity and portray the very essence of a Steinway grand piano.

Studio Grand

The Studio Grand features a Steinway Model D Concert Grand piano in perfect condition; at 8' 11 3/4" (274cm) in length, this majestic instrument is the overwhelming choice of the world's greatest pianists. More than ten Steinway Grand Pianos was auditioned before finding the one with the most desirable character; a crystal clear and open sound with a perfectly balanced resonance. The approach for the Studio Grand is with production in mind. Fitting a grand piano in a mix can be hard and often results in a compromise of the sound quality of the piano to make it fit with the other instruments and vocals. By offering the exact recording setup in Addictive Keys and the option of mixing and matching microphones, the Studio Grand will fit in any production in any genre.

The recording process

The Studio Grand was recorded in a large recording studio at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. The studio is famous for being extremely quiet and for having a controlled subtle ambience; for such a large room the reverberation still sounds tight and airy which is a rare combination and the perfect condition for recording a grand piano. The recordings were done using rare vintage tube and ribbon microphones capturing the instrument at several different perspectives. From close up perspective with microphones next to the soundboard to far away perspective with natural room ambience. The result is a warm and vibrant sound that goes from intimate to larger-than-life.

The vintage microphones used for the recordings were hand picked from a huge microphone collection. After auditioning a large number of different perspectives, six perspectives were chosen:

  1. Close Ribb / Close Stereo Wide - Coles 4038
  2. Amb Tube / Amb Stereo Wide - Neumann M269
  3. Close Tube / Close Stereo XY - Neumann M269
  4. Mid Tube / Mid Stereo Wide - Neumann M250
  5. Body Tube / Body Mono - Sela T25
  6. Side Ribb / Close Mono - RCA 6203


Content Concept & Design Lead: Andreas Mood
Graphic Design: Staffan Gustafsson and Peder Bergstrand
Photographs and Additional Graphic Design: Mattias “Dirren” Förnell
3D Graphics: Upper First
Programming: Martin Eklund, Mattias Karlgren, Markus Dimdal & Magnus Lidström
Recording: Per Larsson and Niklas Flyckt at SampleTekk
Sound Design: Kim Lindberger
Piano Tuning: Mats Ferner
Copywriter: Fredrick Norén
Web Design: Staffan Gustafsson and Andreas Mood
Web Design: Mattias “Dirren” Förnell
Presets: The XLN Team, Plan8 and Current Value
Audio Demos: Marching Band, Stephen Simmonds, Opolopo
MIDI Previews: Arvid Svenungsson
Video Credits “Tears Never Dry“: Performance: Stephen Simmonds, Director & Post Production: Peder Bergstrand, Production: Velour Film, Staffan Gustafsson & Kristin Sjöstrand




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