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SAM Solo Sessions 24bit GiGA3
SAM Solo Sessions 24bit GiGA3

350 руб.
175 руб.
Ample Sound ABP2 v2.5.0
Ample Sound ABP2 v2.5.0

250 руб.

Magix Music Maker 14 Producer Edition

100 руб.
Magix Samplitude 10 Товар 32 из 60
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 Native Instruments Traktor Pro v1.0.1
Magix Music Maker 14 Producer Edition

MAGiX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition

14-я версия звукового редактора MAGiX Music Maker.

MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition offers advanced algorithms and with its highly-developed studio functions is a convincing tool for those who want more: complete mastering, 5.1 Surround mixing, effect automations, Revolta 2 – the virtual-analog flagship, amp simulation, music editor for detailed audio editing with up to 48 kHz, 96 tracks, expanded video editing and more! Discover the advantages of the Producer Edition for producing your own songs, beats and soundtracks.

Start your music projects

New! Vital Instruments™ – the new standard

MAGIX Vital Instruments™ are samples in premium quality. Instruments developed by sampling specialists yellow tools combine real recorded instruments with the natural sound characteristics and typical play behaviour of musicians. The advantage: Instruments that sound just like the original with unique fade behavior, up to 11 volume levels, string resonance, sliding string sounds and more! Experience the fascinating sound library with unbelievable faithfulness to detail and a wide spectrum of various instruments. With the Sound Controller Vita you can access all parameters directly.

New! Revolta 2 & other synthesizers

Revolta 2 shows the full potential of virtual-analog sound synthesis. Plenty of features like 12-voice polyphony, Noise Generator, modulation matrix and an integrated effects section offer lively sounds for any kind of electronic music. The integrated effect section and a handy Step Sequencer complete the function range. Get excited about the new flagship.

New! Live Performer

Produce engaging songs in an entirely new way with the Live Performer: Live and in real-time! Imagine being able to select parts of songs, loop them, create endless combinations and play it all back with your keyboard or with a MIDI keyboard.
Up to 16 Live Pads are additionally available to trigger individual samples and loops. Discover a new kind of producing style, developed for clubs and stage performances, and create new songs live.

Recording & Sampling

MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition opens the door to studio standard audio recordings for you. Thanks to easy operation, every recording process becomes a creative session. One click, and recording is on. Want to sample yourself and build your recordings into your own songs? No problem! With MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition you can build up your own sample archive, record vocals or instruments live, and then optimize them and edit them after.

ProAudio Technology

MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition is based on the Samplitude® audio technology, the professional standard in sound studios, radio stations and TV stations around the whole world. The advantage: 20 years experience, absolute sound neutrality and outstanding effect algorithms.

Beats, drums and grooves

Would you like to build beats that are clearly different form the others? Robota, the ultimate beat machine, is the first choice when it comes to creative grooves and expermiental drum sounds. Not only is Robota especially intuitive to use, but the sound spectrum clearly goes much further than representatives from the 808 and 909 era. The advantage: You have limitless possibilities for deigning your grooves. If you need a convincingly realistic drum beat right away, then grab LiViD, the virtual drummer with human behavior.

Mixing & effects

Take advantage of the tidy mixing console and the high quality studio effects, like MAGIX VariVerb: This flexible studio reverb simulates acoustic space of every kind – ideal, for example, for vocals.
The master track offers an independent effect section for two VST and DirectX® FX plug-ins. Even for the most complex effect automations can be drawn in and edited with a pencil tool.

Elastic Audio

Elastic Audio is the specialist for audio editing of monophone audio signals, like vocals and solo instruments. Single syllables are automatically subdivided into slices and their pitch can be edited independent of each other!
Tune your vocals to the tee or create a choir with up to 4 vocals using the intelligent Harmonizer, which adjusts itself automatically on the pitch selected.
Elastic Audio easy is the ideal tool for experimental drum editing.

Additional functions with Producer Edition

* NEW! Structure song arrangements comprehensively
* NEW! Start assistant with instructional videos and much more
* NEW! Power Chords: dynamic distortion guitars
* Remix Maker: Import and remix CDs & MP3s
* Amp Simulation: Guitar amplifier with speaker simulation
* Music Editor 2.0: Detailed audio editing with up to 48 kHz
* Video editing: Capturing and advanced video editing
* Vintage effects suite: Chorus, flanger, analog delay, filter, etc.
* BitMachine: Sample and bit rate reduction



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